Taxi Mauritius: Viteapp is affordable and fast

Taxi Mauritius

Vite app is a taxi company that allows customers to request a taxi from their smartphones and pay with a card or cash. The app also displays the name and license plate of your driver, and it’s easy to find directions to your destination if you need them. Taxi Mauritius If you’re in Mauritius and […]

Description Vite App

Vite is an application available on the iOS and Android platforms, as well as through a web browser, that allows thousands of customers in Mauritius to request a cab and order food delivery online in an affordable and reliable manner. Vite users can request a ride from their phone by pressing a button. The app […]

Overview of Vite

Vite is a logistics company providing personalized, safe, reliable, and efficient rideshare and delivery experiences in Mauritius. The company was incorporated in June 2020 in Mauritius and officially launched our rideshare app in December 2020. We’ve grown rapidly to 20,000+ active paying users in a few months, with plans underway to launch our food delivery […]