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Vite is an application available on the iOS and Android platforms, as well as through a web browser, that allows thousands of customers in Mauritius to request a cab and order food delivery online in an affordable and reliable manner. Vite users can request a ride from their phone by pressing a button. The app uses GPS to locate and match riders with professional drivers in real-time. Customers can also use the app to find, review, and order food from local restaurants that deliver

What problem or need is your company providing a solution for?

There is a growing need for affordable, convenient, and secure ways to get around in the busy, urban cities of Mauritius and several Southern African countries such as Angola, Namibia, Zambia, etc. The current experience is largely awful and unsafe for users, because existing operators, such as taxis, are typically hailed on the street with little to no knowledge of the driver. Aside from the risk of poor service, users are frequently taken advantage of because oral pricing is the norm. Taxi drivers, on the other hand, waste a lot of time idle, so most of them are underpaid, resulting in a poor customer experience for passengers. We’ve used technology to empower taxi drivers, improve their livelihoods, and enable them to serve more customers per day.


Because this issue affects millions of residents and tourist customers on a daily basis, we are addressing it by developing a fast, efficient, and reliable cab booking and food ordering platform. By scaling our solution, we will be able to tap into the $5.4 billion addressable markets for taxis and delivery in this region’s underserved cities.


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